Links to viewing and searching under-development annotation

This page gives access to a growing number of related corpora that share the same annotation principles as well as a wider eco-system that includes construction tools, on-line interfaces, and documentation. All these corpora offer labelled constituent structure, and all contain assignments of grammatical role and function. Also, some offer support for an automatic creation of logical expressions with discourse referents, operators including quantificational closures, logical connectives, and predicate relations.

The data analysis of this page is in a continual process of being hand worked. We strive to reduce error rates as much as possible. We have come to learn that continued development is not only desirable for the corrections and engagement in the data that it brings, but it is also perfectly compatible with having actively used on-line resources. The interfaces access real-time ‘living’ data, i.e. completely up-to-date working files, and links remain adaptive to frequent updates.

There is no completion target for the annotation. There is rather an appetite for ever improving data analysis, and the insights that this can achieve for a multitude of enriching purposes.

Old Japanese

Contemporary Japanese

Japanese regional dialects — Tsugaru narratives

Child language Japanese

JFL/JSL Learner Japanese

Contemporary English